Ethiopian Network for Gender Equality in Agriculture Celebrates Inaugural Meeting

The Women’s Affairs Directorate of the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources (MoANR-WAD), with support from the ATA and UN WOMEN, recently established the Ethiopian Network for Gender Equality in Agriculture (ENGEA). At the inaugural meeting held on March 30 & 31, 2016 at the Harmony Hotel, 65 participants from government, donors and non- governmental organizations were present to endorse and support the establishment. The Network’s major objectives are to: create synergies between government, non-governmental organizations, development partners and research partners; develop and implement gender responsive agricultural policies, strategies, programs and projects in the sector; and to create platforms to share information and lessons. The workshop agenda was introduced by Ms. Tenagne, Gender Expert, MoANR-WAD, followed by a discussion on the progress made thus far, led by Ms. Zerthun Seyoum, MoANR-WAD Director. In her opening speech, Ms. Zerthun emphasized that the establishment of the Network will help to create synergy among government and non-governmental organizations’ work, and to map out who does what and where. She also thanked the organizers of the Network establishment for their effort and hard work. Among other nongovernmental organizations and Network members, ATTSVE was represented by Mestefakir Alebachew Kassa who is Gender Officer of the In Country Office. ATTSVE aims to contribute to the national TVET strategy to train development agents (DAs) and equip graduating students with the practical and theoretical competencies prescribed in the Ethiopian Occupational Standards and that support the national priority of entrepreneurial, market-oriented agricultural production with MOA. group logos