Eleni Negash

Educational Background: Bachelor of Education and Master of Arts in Sociology Professional experience: I was working in various sector both in governmental office and NGO for more than ten years I was worked as School Teacher in Benishangul Gomuz area worked as Social worker in Forum on Street Children in Ethiopia (FSCE, NGO) as program officer for sexually abused and exploited children Worked also in Professional Alliance for Development in Ethiopia (PADET, NGO) as care and support program officer Worked in Ethiopian Red Cross Society (ERCS) as program coordinator in one of the sub cities in Addis Ababa, Gullele Subsidy. Education program coordinator at Development Expertise Center (DEC, NGO) Worked as Instructor at Rift Valley University Currently works for ATTSVE Project as Gender officer starting August 2018 I acquired different trainings including Gender norms, Leadership and project management etc. Technical Competency: as Gender expert I will make every effort to maintain gender equality in target ATVET, ATTSVE project and I envision that gender gaps, discrimination and occupational segregation eliminated in our target community.