Lauren C Hennig is a first year Masters of Arts student in the Department of Kinesiology and Physical Health Education. Growing up in rural Alberta, Lauren gained practical experience in agriculture and community development. She has volunteered internationally, teaching in Kenya, and locally in her community on projects that support education and sustainability.  Professionally, she taught for six years, in a variety of subjects, in the public education system before coming to research.

Lauren’s research thesis focuses on using narrative inquiry methodology to study pre-service physical education teachers’ engagement with issues of social justice. She is also engaged in qualitative research on peer mentorship programs for individuals with spinal cord injuries. Passionate about community building, she is curious about relational dynamics and social change.

Lauren is excited to be engaged as an ATTSVE intern to learn more about gender issues and how they impact education and agricultural implementation. Understanding the unique needs of individual communities is essential in supporting the objectives they hope to realize. She looks forward to contributing to the pursuit of sustainable economic development in Ethiopia in a way that allows for growing gender equality.