ATTSVE Related Reports/Toolkits

Women and Leadership
Gender Clubs; Student Leadership in Building Gender Aware College Campuses
Serious Games as Self-Educating Tools
English Language Support & Academic Literacy in ATVETs
Cash Transfer Programs for Female Students
Participatory Visual Methodologies
Ensuring Post-project Sustainability of the ATTSVE Project's Gender and Language Strategies
Report On Survey/Assessment on Gender Based Violence in Four ATVET Colleges: Woreta, Nedjo, Wolaita Sodo & Maichew
Student Perceptions of Gender-based Violence in Four ATVET Colleges
Gender Matters; Gender Concerns in the Ethiopian Occupational Standards and Guidelines for Gender Responsive Teaching, Training and Learning Materials
Gender Transformative Approaches in ATTSVE
A Guide to Mela: A Serious Game to Combat Sexual and Gender-Based Violence on Agricultural Campuses
Toolkit to Address Gender-based Violence in Agricultural Colleges in Ethiopia
Our Photos, Our Learning, Our Well-Being; An Exhibition of ATVET Students' Perspectives
Cellphilming in Four ATVET Colleges: A Mirror, Reflecting Gender Issues in Ethiopia