About Intern – Adrianna Lemieux

My name is Adrianna Lemieux. I am originally from Montreal and lived in the German part of Switzerland during my last three years of high school, after which I came to McGill. I greatly appreciate the diverse and stimulating environment that I was exposed to, one that I also found in university.

I have just finished the first year of my undergraduate degree in International Development Studies in the Faculty of Arts at McGill. Focusing on the economic stream of my program, I am highly interested in how and why change happens. That is definitely something that has guided me in my class choices as well as my involvement in the ATTSVE project.

In Switzerland, I enjoyed taking part in Model United Nations and the student government. This followed me into university, where I continued to be involved in Model United Nations. I hope to involve myself in the student government during my second year.

My other interests include travelling because of all the incredible people I meet when I do so. It allows me to discover other languages and cultures. I also enjoy cooking, soccer and piano. Anything outdoors interests me, whether it’s hiking, skiing or simply discovering.

I am very excited to partake in the ATTSVE project. I believe that this incredible experience will allow me to discover not only a different part of the world, its language and culture, but also more of my interests within my field of study. I hope to continue my involvement in the project in the fall, taking a class surrounding the internship which would allow me to develop my understanding of change, a change that I will be a part of in Ethiopia.

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