Situated in Amhara Region, South Gondar Zone, Fogera Woreda, this centre established as a National Army Training Center in 1968.  From 1978 to 1992 it served as Agricultural Staff on the job training and Farmer Training Center and then the name of the college changed to the Agriculture Training Center from 1993 to 2001. Woreta became an ATVET college in 2001.

Gender Vision

The Priority Areas are Capacity Building for students and staff both mental and physical.

To utilize Mini Media, like Leaflets, Posters, and Radio. 

Curriculum development and incorporation of gender topics such as nutrition into it.

Increase the number of female students graduated and employed.

Language Vision

Different initiatives were discussed such as a variety of activities allowing students to develop their understanding, reading, speaking and writing in English. English tutorial classes were beginning to be offered by the appointed language club representative. Student support groups are also set up so that more advanced students can help less advanced ones.

Gender Focal Person

Victoria Tilahun

Email: T21victoria@gmail.com

Associate Gender Focal Person

Misganaw Yimer

Email: misganawmarch2079@gmail.com

Language Coordinator

Getu Bisrat

Email: getubisrat@gmail.com

Associate Language Coordinator

Tewodros Gerawork

Email: teddygera@gmail.com

Videos from Woreta ATVET college