Hani Sadati travelled to Canada from Iran in September 2015 to continue his education at the Ph.D. level in the Department of Integrated Studies in Education, Faculty of Education, McGill University. His doctoral project is on participatory digital game design to address gender-based violence in Ethiopian agricultural colleges. This project is conducted under the supervision and advisory committee, including Professor Claudia Mitchell, Dr. Lisa Trimble, Mrs. Angelique Mannella, and Dr. Lindsay Duncan.

Hani was the ATTSVE project’s intern in summer 2017. As an intern he had following four main responsibilities:
1) Conducting participatory visual workshops using Cellphilming in 4 ATVET colleges to address gender-related issues in the
2) Interviewing successful female students and staff in these colleges and introducing them as role models to the other college members;
3) Networking and making linkages with other
organizations who work to address sexual and gender-based issues;
4) Updating the project website (www.glcop.wordpress.com) with local materials from the community.

Hani says: “Getting involved in internship-related activities created me a great opportunity to learn about the field (Ethiopia and ATVET colleges in 4 different regions of the country), and I had the opportunity to make connections with college instructors, who later contributed to my PhD project. I also took advantage of being and living in Ethiopia to make myself more familiar with the socio-cultural environment of the region, which is essential in educational and social science researches.”

In total, 22 instructors and 81 students participated in Hani’s workshops during his internship in Ethiopia. The following are two reports that he wrote after returning back to Montreal, and one dispatch article that he published later based on his internship experience.

If you have any question from Hani, you can contact him at hani.sadati@mail.mcgill.ca

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