Hani Sadati

Hani Sadati is a Ph.D. candidate in Educational Studies at McGill University. He started working with ATTSVE project with his contributions to the Gender Matters document (accessible in Resources section). Then in Summer 2017, he worked as an ATTSVE intern in Ethiopia, conducting participatory visual workshops using Cellphilming in all 4 ATVETs. Through his workshops in summer 2017, a total number of 103 people (including 81 students and 22 instructors, who work with Gender Clubs) directly got involved in the participatory activities related to SGBV topics. He also served as workshop facilitator and technology supporter in various training sessions in Ethiopia, organized by McGill component of ATTSVE project. Hani's internship experience was vital in his Ph.D. journey since he decided to conduct his doctorate research in Ethiopia by working with agriculture college instructors. His research title is Participatory Digital Game Development to Address Sexual and Gender-based Violence in Agriculture Colleges in Ethiopia. You can find more about this project in Mela game page: https://glcopmcgill.ca/2019/11/26/mela-game/

A short bio:

My name is Hani Sadati and I came to Canada from Iran in September 2015 to continue my education in PhD level at the Department of Integrated Studies in Education, Faculty of Education, McGill University. My doctoral project is about participatory digital game design to address gender based violence which is conducted under the supervision and advisory committee including Professor Claudia Mitchell, Dr. Lisa Trimble, and Angelique Mannella. I also collaborate with Prof. Mitchell as a Research Assistant in some of her projects, specifically in the area of social and digital media in relation to gender and HIV and AIDS.

My background is in Social Science Methodology (BA) and Women Studies (MA) and my research interests include Educational technologies and digital game-based learning, women and gender studies, sexual health and HIV/AIDS, medical sociology and participatory methodologies.

I am also a member of Heeva Foundation, a Canadian not-for-profit organization with the mission of developing and supporting educational projects for youth in Persian-speaking countries. Currently, we are working on an encyclopedia about puberty health.

In terms of extracurricular activities, I am very interested in traveling, mountain climbing, camping, swimming and photography. My passion about the world heritage sites, specifically Iranian historic and natural heritages lead me to become an official Tour Guide where I received a certificate from Iran Cultural Heritage, Handcrafts and Tourism Organization in 2015. Furthermore, I am a member of Iranian Vegetarian Society and I prefer to follow vegan/vegetarian cuisine for environmental outcomes and peace.

I started my collaboration with ATTSVE project with working on the Guidelines for Gender Responsive Teaching, Training and Learning Materials (TTLM). I was very interested in the topic and I think this internship will provide me a great opportunity to get involve practically in a gender mainstreaming project and not only it will enhance my experience, but also I will have a chance to contribute more in this field.