Summary of Woreta training

IMG_4184Gender training in beautiful Woreta, Ethiopia February 29-March 3, 2016.

29 individuals including gender focal people, assistant gender focal people and Deans from ATVETs in Maichew, Nedjo, Wolaito Sodo, & Woreta as well as representatives from Jimma University, Agarfa ATVET, the ATTSVE in country office and McGill University came together to further our collaborative work on gender within the ATTSVE project.

The focus of the training was (1) developing and working towards finalizing  Gender Strategies for each ATVET – the Gender Equality Roadmap; (2) developing an Action Plan for each ATVET particularly in the context of ATTSVE  support; (3) co creating a survey tool on sexual violence and mapping out a plan for surveying students at  each ATVET; and (4) contributing to sustaining the GLCoP for communicating and sharing resources.

On Day 1, Dr. Claudia Mitchell and Dr. Lisa Starr from McGill University, led the group in the identifying some of the key areas to be included in the ATVET Gender Strategy documents. Representatives from the Agarfa ATVET generously shared the gender strategy they had developed and implemented which formed the template from which the other ATVETS would proceed.  To wrap up the day, Dr. Asnakech shared her expertise with gender strategy development and outreach at Jimma University.

Day 2 began with presentations from each ATVET addressing five questions: (1) Where are you on your  roadmap to gender equality?  What have you done on your Gender Strategy? (2)What are some of the challenges you have experienced? (3) What do you thiIMG_0748nk  is going well? (4) What do you see as important next steps? (5) What do you need help with? These presentations and subsequent discussion provided rich insight into the directions of each ATVET in their development of a gender strategy. The highlight of these sessions was the powerful sharing of information and insight between the ATVETs. Following these presentations,Drs. Claudia Mitchell and Lisa Starr led the group in addressing key focal areas for their individual ATTVET gender strategies. From there, participants began the hard work of developing a comprehensive gender strategy for the ATTVETs.

Day 3 began with a tour of the local Woreta ATVET. The campus was gorgeous and provided an excellent visual picture of what is happening relating to gender in Woreta. On our return from the Woreta ATVET,IMG_4396.JPG the group shared their analysis of the first draft of the Sexual Violence Survey. The insight into developing a survey tool was invaluable in examining the causes and effects of sexual violence amonf students enrolled at the ATVET colleges. In the afternoon, Mestefakir Alebachew Kassa from the in country office with the help of Dr. Asnekech led the group in understanding sexual harassment codes of conduct.

The focus of Day 4 was discussion of the role for gender clubs, language clubs, supporting female students and empowering women for leadership roles within the ATVET colleges.  Participants also continued their work developing the gender strategy documents.

Day 5 included a tour of Awramba community. This community is well known for its gender equity practices.